Sunday, 14 February 2016

Liberals' Cynical Use of Immigrants Continues

Last week, I read that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government plans to get rid of the language requirements for new immigrants to Canada.  Whereas his father sought to create a country where everyone spoke both English and French, his son seems to be intent on creating a country where people speak neither English nor French.  I wasn't surprised to hear about this latest move by our new Liberal taskmasters.  It just confirmed my worst fear that the government of Trudeau the younger would take multiculturalism where it has never gone before.  Furthermore, the Liberals have become emboldened by the popularity of their actions on the Syrian refugee crisis.  Indeed, it seems that as soon as the Grits swept to power, almost everyone in Canada started hopping on the refugee bandwagon.  By now, maybe you're asking me if I oppose taking in Syrian refugees.  Certainly not! In fact, I'm very happy that the new government of Canada has undertaken a massive effort to bring refugees from Syria into this country.  What I question is the motivation behind this effort. Trudeau's Liberals would have you believe that they're helping these people out of compassion.  Yeah, right. There is only one reason that the Liberals are taking in thousands of Syrian refugees and it can all be summed up in one word: votes.

Now just to be fair, all parties in Canada try to use the so-called immigrant or ethnic vote to their advantage.  But no one does this better and more successfully than the Liberal Party, going back to the days of the first Prime Minister Trudeau.  In fact, Pierre Trudeau didn't just use immigration to get votes.  He used to it re-make Canada in his image.  For instance, Trudeau flooded his home province of Quebec with immigrants whom he believed would become loyal federalists and Liberal voters.  Does anyone remember the 1995 Quebec referendum when then provincial premier, Jacques Parizeau blamed the defeat of the independence campaign on money and the "ethnic vote"?  A lot of people, including myself at the time, believed that his remarks constituted outright racism.  But the truth isn't so simple.  He made these remarks because he knew his history.  He knew that just a couple of decades earlier, Trudeau sought to flood Quebec with new immigrants who he believed would be loyal to his vision of a united, multicultural Canada.  Had he not done this, Quebec may very well have been celebrating its 20th year of independence last year.  But of course, Trudeau wasn't just thinking about Quebec when he liberalized Canada's immigration policies.  He wanted to flood all of Canada with new immigrants whom he believed would become loyal Liberal voters.  I would contend that this is one of the biggest reasons why the Liberal Party is sometimes called Canada's natural governing party, for they have been using immigration as a tool of social engineering to ensure that this country's future generations will be generations of Liberal voters.

The Grits' latest plan to do away with language requirements for newcomers to Canada is just a continuation of their ongoing, cynical use of immigrants as pawns to solidify their power over this country.  Why should they care if new immigrants to this country can't speak English or French well enough to fit in to Canadian society, even after they've become citizens?  After all, one doesn't have to understand too much of either official language to be able vote Liberal come election time.

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