Saturday, 31 January 2015

A Victory for Canadian TV Viewers. We Finally Get the Superbowl Commercials...Starting in 2017

Canadian TV viewers have waited a long time for this.  Years and years of having to sit through boring, annoying and all too repetitive Canadian commercials during the Superbowl, while our neighbours down south get to see the eagerly-anticipated ads designed especially for the big game.  But now the unbelievable has happened.  The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, or CRTC, has decided that starting in 2017, Canadian TV stations will no longer be allowed to substitute Canadian ads in place of the Superbowl commercials.  Can you believe it!?  The CRTC actually giving Canadian TV viewers what they want, instead of pandering to the big, monolithic Canadian corporations and the Canadian Content lobbyists, or as I like to call the, the Can-Con Heads.  For decades, Canadians have been at the mercy of the CRTC's protectionist policies of always favouring Canadian content, regardless of how mediocre it may be.  This recent decision by our national telecommunications regulator to allow the Superbowl commercials to air in Canada is a great victory for the Canadian consumer - the first of many, I hope.

Could it be that the pendulum is finally swinging away from the Can-Con Heads and towards the average Canadian taxpayer?  Perhaps, but for those of you who are looking forward to viewing those Superbowl commercials live during the game instead of having to search for them on the internet later, don't let this one small victory get you too excited.  There's still a long way to go.  After all, we're still paying for TV channels that we don't want; many of which are Canadian stations forced on us by the CRTC and backed by the Can-Con Heads.  And we're still listening to endless repeats of songs by the Tragically Hip and other Canadian artists, because the stiffs at the CRTC and their Can-Con Head supporters make our radio stations play a certain amount of Canadian content.  Canadian media consumers will never have true freedom until communistic policies like these are ended.  So allowing Canadians to watch the Superbowl commercials during the big game is just one small step.  But at least it's a step in the right direction. 

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