Monday, 28 July 2014

Netanyahu: Don't Listen to Bleeding Heart Liberals Like Obama and Kerry. Stay the Course

It's been about three weeks since Israel launched Operation: Protective Edge.  And although the IDF has already dealt a hard blow to the terrorists in Gaza Strip, now is not the time to stop, regardless of  what Neville Chamberlain-esque leaders like Barack Obama and John Kerry say.  Indeed, if rockets were falling on American towns and cities, the Gaza Strip would be flattened by now and there would be many times more civilian deaths than is the case in Gaza now.  Israel needs to finish what it started.  What do I mean by this?  I mean that for Israel to stop, not one rocket, not one launcher, not one tunnel and not one terrorist can remain.  Every part of the terrorist infrastructure in the Gaza Strip must be destroyed and all the terrorists who are responsible for building and maintaining that infrastructure must be captured, exiled or killed.  Hamas and the rest of the terrorists are not only guilty of crimes against Israel, but also against their own people.  It's already well-known that they are hiding themselves and their weapons amongst civilians, hence the high civilian death toll in the Gaza Strip.  What is lesser-known, however, is that while their people have languished in poverty for years, many of them have gotten rich (see: Hamas Got Rich as Gaza was Plunged into Poverty).  All the terrorists' talk about how much their people suffer is just a lot of nonsense.  They care nothing for their people.  They do not value the lives of their people or any human life for that matter.  Hence, by putting an end to the terrorist threat in Gaza, Netanyahu and his government are not only doing a service to Israel's citizens, but to the Palestinian people as well.  Bibi cannot and should not listen to the naive musings of U.S. President Barack Obama and his sidekick, Secretary of State John Kerry.  He needs to do what is good for Israeli, not the U.S.  And what is good for Israel is to end the terrorist threat in Gaza once and for all.  In fact, I don't even think that Operation: Protective Edge should be limited to Gaza, but expanded to the West Bank as well.

Yes, I know that there are (thankfully) no rockets being fired at Israeli communities from the West Bank and there are no terrorist tunnels there (not that I've heard about anyway), but there are plenty of terrorists and they should meet the same fate as their Gaza counterparts.  I'm not just talking about Hamas or Islamic Jihad; I'm talking about all the major Palestinian organizations, and that includes the Palestinian Authority and its president, Mahmoud Abbas.  After all, Abbas chose to get in bed with Hamas instead of making peace with Israel.  And since he and Hamas have formed a so-called national unity government that claims to represent all Palestinians, both parties are now one and the same.  In other words, both Abbas' Palestinian Authority and Hamas are terrorists and they should be shown the same treatment as the terrorists in the Gaza Strip.  Their infrastructure must be destroyed and every one of their leaders, including Abbas himself, should be jailed, exiled, or killed.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and his government have the opportunity, not just to wipe out terrorism in Gaza, but in all of Eretz Israel.  So Bibi, stay the course and don't quit while you're on a roll.   

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