Thursday, 3 April 2014

Why Toronto Shouldn't "Chow Down" or "Drive a Ford"

If you're wondering why folks in Canada are so cynical about politics these days, look no further than the City of Toronto.  This fall, Toronto's municipal elections will be held and the choices could not be more stark - or more uninspiring.  The two frontrunners, Olivia Chow and current mayor Rob Ford, are two polar opposites, but they share one thing in common: the potential to destroy Toronto as we know it.  It's just a question of how.

Let's say we re-elect Mayor Rob Ford.  What would that mean for Toronto?  Well, the first thing that comes to mind is another four years of circus acts and vulgar behaviour that will continue to tarnish the city's image as the last four years of Ford's antics already have.  But this isn't even the worst of it.  Throughout his term as mayor of Canada's largest city, Mr. Ford has shown a clear inability to work with others, weather that be city councillors or anyone else that doesn't agree with him.  His arrogance is always on public display whenever he brags about what he thinks he's done for Toronto, like advocating for subways instead of LRTs.  But of course, for all the hot air he's put out talking about how great subways are, he hasn't managed to build any.  In fact, he hasn't even once told Torontonians how he's going to pay for all his glorious subways.  Perhaps the one billion dollars Ford claims to have saved Toronto taxpayers would help? - That is, if he actually did save the city a billion dollars. Click here to find out what I mean.

Still, even if Ford saved just one dollar of Torontonians' hard-earned tax dollars, it would be more than I could say for Olivia Chow, who will no doubt lead Toronto on a path to bankruptcy.  Electing Chow as Toronto's next mayor would spell disaster for the city's finances.  Like all left-wing politicians, she means well, but can't keep her hand out of the pockets of Toronto's taxpayers.  Whereas Ford, with all his arrogance and bad behaviour, still has the courage to say no to the multitude of special interest groups looking for free money, Chow always plays the yes-man when it comes to Torontonians' tax dollars.  Click here for a sample of this spendaholic's record.

So basically, Toronto's upcoming election is very much a choice between allowing Rob Ford to continue his comedy tour and reign of arrogance, or letting Olivia Chow pig out at the trough filled with your tax dollars.  Pick your poison, Toronto.  But wait.  Am I forgetting something?  Oh right, there are other candidates in this election, like David Soknacki, the guy who was the budget chief under former mayor David Miller - the same mayor who presided over that seemingly never-ending garbage strike and who was the conductor of the gravy train that Rob Ford was elected to derail.  Then there's Karen Stintz, the quintessential flip-flopper, who turned from Rob Ford's trusted ally into his arch nemesis overnight because she couldn't (and still can't) make up her mind as to whether she wants subways or LRTs.  And let's not forget John Tory, who's hoping that the third time's the charm after already losing one mayoral vote where he was initially the frontrunner and also losing a provincial election.  He failed to inspire twice and I'm not sure if he'll be any more inspiring this third time around.  That being said, he may have a chance if he can get his message out about moving Toronto forward instead of to the right or left, like Ford and Chow respectively.

I'm not sure who will win this election, but whatever happens, I don't think Toronto should either "Chow Down" or "Drive a Ford".  I just hope other voters feel the same way I do.          

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